Protest Portion

I just saw at 11:52 pm that wordpress has labeled all thumbnail links with a censor stamp. I admit I was caught off guard by this but is this correct? Blogs and walls with protest apps is fine but decorating a site with blocking pictures seems pointless. I suppose it makes me more observant of how great the visual elements of web pages are since the last century ended but the internet is an information resource not a job. It contains jobs and maintaining it is a job but the internet cannot go on strike. It means nothing to Congress and people are just annoyed when they see this. In support of the protest I won’t post a picture for this post

One Response to “Protest Portion”

  1. The point wasn’t to put the Internet on strike. The point was to bring millions of people to an awareness of the potential threats to the Internet. There is a multitude of people who didn’t know what SOPA or PIPA were until this wide campaign of blocking images took place. Think of it more like those pink ribbons people wear for breast cancer.

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