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A contemporary duo of painters named Guyton and Walker are two men who have combined their artist identity as a collaboration. If traditional pop art still lives on it’s in this work. Fruit is unwrapped and thrown in fields of deco pattern and geometric shapes. The paintings are big and bright and are very attractive to the eye. The duo has shown at the Whitney, Albright-Knox, and are in the MoMA collection but I’ve never heard of them until today. The work is fruitful and I hope it develops in other directions.

Andrew Stergiou

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So for the first time I am blogging about another blogger. His name is Andrew Stergiou and from what I have seen about his online personality and history I am not sure how much effort should go into figuring him out or ignoring him. I found him on a youtube comments board for a John Cage Interview video. Also that’s his face above, it’s very dirty.

I didn’t try finding where his comments started or what he was originally arguing about with other music fans but he sure was shit talking everyone. His comments are still up on the board to be viewed but for some reason I can’t look at his channel account anymore. I viewed and he didn’t have whole lot of content on it just text info and 2 video links. A lot of the info centered around the world sucking and the goodness of art in light of this…which I have been thinking a lot about lately too so that’s what hooked me into him. But then his description of himself goes along the lines of how he is one of the greatest guitarists in the world, he gardens, paints, and has sex and more sex. There is definitely an ego behind this guy. Here is a normal bio I find on his FUCK YOU blog.

First Online Publisher of this First Online Electronic Literary Art Journal 1988-1996, and reconstituted in founding: Zito! Online Journal of creative flux, dialectical, disembodied, abstract and poetic expression. Without enough time in the day, nor enough days in the week, nor weeks in the year, nor time in one life: writer, artist, painter, DIYer, cook, musician, analyst, philosopher, thinker, reader, activist, performer, film extra actor, producer, a very diverse and complicated person, prolific creator, perennial iconoclastic activist, his political motto aptly describes him as “left of the right, right of the left, and not in the center”.

From what I can tell about Zito it’s not so much a journal as a website that Andrew made probably before template blog sites existed. What’s really strange is that this online electronic art journal is from 1988? So I guess Andrew was at least one of the first public persons to manifest themselves on the internet. But going back to youtube I can’t enter his channel for some reason. I’m either blocked or he deactivated the site but I wrote some encouragement for him but mostly that he seemed over zealous. Before I go on here are some images from his art gallery and I also can’t tell if this guy is American or an immigrant to the states.

Say whatever you want about the images, except for the poor clarity of the portrait which I can’t tell is intentional or bad image scanning. I think Andrew made these digital pictures just so he could be one of the first to do so but other than that there doesn’t seem to be much of a legacy or goal intended for these items. He was becoming the Nam Jun Paik of websites at the time it seems.

Overall this guy may have some talent but I think he over exaggerates his accomplishments and skills. More importantly he appears to be a very turbulent person who wants artistic recognition and prowess and is using the internet to try to achieve that with his blogs and twitters. As far as I can tell he was living in Pennsylvania and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. But for whatever redeeming qualities the man has I can’t appreciate his dramatism on the internet. He claims he’s gonna take shit all over everyone and antagonizes readers and responders with his own brand crude debate. On the one hand this guy could never have progressed mentally past his senior year of high school or it’s a complete farce. Maybe he just acts like this on the internet to get attention with extreme behavior. He’s a great archetype for the internet artisit whether he is talented or not because he profuses views and work that no one really cares about but it exists anyway and in the end I found it. Well at least he’s not spending endless amounts of time on the internet because he hasn’t had too much activity on his twitter. If anyone knows this guys feel free to tell some new stories…or Andrew can speak for himself on this post. Is this clarity intentional or not?

Museo de Nacionalidad: Rememberance

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This summer I saw the best of Spain’s national collection of painting. Normally I don’t pay much attention to Renaissance and Romantic era paintings anymore. After being in art history courses tirelessly reviewing the same famous paintings over and over I neglect looking back to it much. And there are some painters who although were highly realisitc in their portraiture produce boring picures for the aristocracy.

But starting with Jose Ribera, whose name I probably had heard but unknown in my immediate thinking was extradordinary. His paintings heavy with shadow and tortuous conflict were in the main entrance hall of the gallery. The martyr painting above was my favorite painting seen that day. Among the other painters I saw with restored admiration were,

Jose Ribera
Jesupe Leonardo
Emilio Sala
Antonio Gisbert 
Jose De Madrazo
Diego Velazquez
Francisco De Goya
Peter Paul Ruebens
El Greco
Hieronymus Bosch
The Naked Maja by Goya became my favorite nude portrait in all of painting. The story behind the lust for Maja painting her nude and the scandal of a Prime Minister possesing it, a mistress possibly,  along with her pose and stare…excited me. I think what bores about most old painting is that it was done by hacks who emphasized the great painters commonly known today. Just like the hacks who paint the same pop imagery annoy me so do the hundreds of painters that painted the crucifixtion. I would never want to take pictures of the paintings since they wouldn’t look good and doing that is also annoying. So I used the internet to cache the paintings that make my heart jump when I see them on to the blog. Powerful painting that deserve to celebrated for the true individual style the painters put into them.

Yevgeniy Yufit

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Yevgeniy Yufit is the creator of the genre necro-realism and a long sought after artist whose name I had forgotten. He was one of the entry’s that impressed in the Ice Cream publication that I wrote about some months ago. His work was first established in the 1980’s in the Soviet Union. His mediums are photo and film making and I have seen his short film Vesna on youtube. There is no sound and little explanation for it in the description box.

Vesna is a strange is experiment with lots of torture and celebratory scenes with a chimp on top of it all. It’s hard to make complete heads or tails of it but it seemed to be a tale of the abused becoming abusers and injustice between the life of rural and urban Russia. My favorite parts are the processions of the chimp and the forced gnawing of a wooden stick by a man who at the start of the film dragged men on train tracks with blood on his beard. The film ends with a woman who had been writing the time of the events in a notebook, resting her eyes leaning back with the book closed. She was old.

But it is hard to get any viewing chances of complete Yufit works. Yet it was his photographs that impressed me more than his silent films. The idea of zombified Russians was captivating since the idea was not flesh-eating creatures but caricatures more fitting to the intro of Shawn of The Dead. Ordinary workers trudging through snowy fields and woods with defeated and tired faces. It’s a fitting statement to the last years of the Soviet Union, a nation of people weary from being cut of from the advantages of capitalism and state oppression. The living dead idea just calls out to the dark memories of Communist Totalitarianism.

Unfortunately none of the great full paged photos I saw in the book pages of Yufit are on google searches so he is little published on American data searches. He is still active into the 2000’s and has influenced a lot punk rock imagery and icons. Maybe also goth culture but I can’t tell how far-reaching his influence is abroad. If I ever see a publication of his I will snatch it up immediately.


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Friend Tiffany Joy Butler informed me on Twitter that a group of former Alfred University students have started a dance and video performance group in upstate New York. They have even performed in Mass MoCa recently. It’s really pleasant to see former peers being active and not falling flat on their graduation degrees. I don’t want to say too much since the website foe BAAD Kinetics speaks better for itself…buts it main goal is for interpretive dance that seeks to recycle information and concepts about people, the environment, and genres. Vague but it is the goal.

The group is founded by Layla Mrozowski who I recall made great videos and dance pieces that I enjoyed all around…she sure is a great creator.

The website is posts

Miquel Barcelo, Caixa Forum, Jacques Henri Lartigue

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Since coming to Barcelona I stumbled onto a well established mixed media Spanish artist. Along Consel de Cent I went into a gallery with an unfriendly attendant. On the gallery walls were loose monoprint and ink brush renderings of bullfights. There was a high amount of energy implanted into the bull charging and the cape swishing a red streak across the paper. Everything was black ink on white with tinges of red smearing. Blood and the illusion of the matadors veil were one. The name of creator was M. Barcelo.

I googled searched but got nothing. I couldn’t understand how respected or acknowledged Barcelo was. Incredibly in Madrid I happened for the first time to visit the Caixa Forum by accident. On display was a retrospect of MIQUEL Barcelo. His paintings took time to grow on me. The oil and watercolors were as messy as the prints. But the splotchy figures in his Dantes Divine Comedy were refreshing from an overused epic poem in image media. Small mounds of paint made slight shadows on canvases and the perception of rocky dirt ground was executed by him too. His working career has spanned before my birth.

But what immediately grabbed was the video of his sculpture in the main lobby. Along with the warped faces he made from metal casts was a huge installation he did in real time with some editing. He and accompanying sculptor had an immense wall of clay before them. They slashed and hacked at the wet clay with sticks and metal. At first their carving seemed arbitrary and unguided. At the climax however the camera shot is way back and you see a scene reminiscent of cave paintings from Neanderthals. Trees, shrubs and rock are captured by the shadows of deep lines in the clay.

Then the pair use clay pancake slabs to form masks on their faces. Blind only with their palms and fingers are grotesque noses, eyes and bone structures emulated. I immediately thought of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice when Alec Baldwin pulled his face forward when witnessing Marcelo’s first clay facial. Numerous masks were made and accompanied a finished lair of clay sculpture.

As a craftsmen Marcelo is seemingly sloppy and uneducated. But then again most modern spanish artists are. I am now a fan his work and take his name in my head easily. It’s hard to find his distinct work in english so anyone reading just surf around. Since I am on the subject vaguely, the Caixa forum is a big interest for me. I have never heard of a bank funding free open artwork for everyone. A bank supporting art seems cold and devious in America but in SPain its like a civic duty of the company. Near Placa Espanya I have seen work by Christian Boltanski, Sophie Calle, Joseph Buys, and Jacques Herni Lartigue.

Lartique was a rich Frenchman who because he was so wealthy could spend all his time photographing as a young man. He captured the lives of wealthy French at the start of the 20th century. Early photos you could see his fingerprints, scratches, and graininess of an amateur. By the 30’s he was producing glorious action shots of car races, swimmers, skiing, and pretty mistresses. He also did a lot of stereograph work like making 3D photographs. I think I may want to invest in a stereograph camera after seeing the dynamism of his work.

Hurts…Feels Better

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Because I watch the music video channel in Barcelona so much I am staying hip to the music popular here. A band I had not heard of until seeing their video is called Hurts. They are new band with a debut song Feels Better than Love. Besides the song rifting my emotions side to side with the vocals and technotronic tinkers I didn’t think I would enjoy the video as much as I did. The pulses with a sort of 1930s German Art Cool scene wardrobe and basement studio set up. It is hard to decipher if it’s a play at first, then a dance rehearsal or audition. The video borders on a fictionalised group of avant garde individuals that most people read about instead of just being. Wanting to be futurists or dadaist…that is what the desire is and it is separate from what the audience in the video is searching for.

I am not sure how excited I should get about this band since I have no other songs by them. But I am hopeful to hear more from them. There is a sort of 80s electro flare to the song but I am not afraid of liking it publicly. Some of my friends are a little snobby when it comes to music and will probably not cling to it as fast as they did Boris. Time will tell how long I stay interested in Hurts.