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In my previous post I found a photograph at the rummage sale at the First Methodist Church in Delmar NY. Another neat item was a Polaroid Flashgun with all the booklets and box included. I got the equipment simply because finding old photo and video equipment is a mini hobby of mine and stuff like this is finite so there’s no telling if demand will grow. After taking the item home and reviewing it’s contents I found a suprise inside.

Polaroids of strangers…dated December 1965. I guess the prints were forgotten and left in the box carelessly. Judging by the weather and architecture I could imagine the home being in Delmar or somewhere in the Northeast. It’s a modest lower middle class home and the prints seem forced or time catalysts. I imagine this man and his companion were waiting for something to happen and were just fooling around with the camera. There seems to be no purpose for this picture except that it is made. Suprisingly I think the details could pass for being from the last decade let alone 50 years. But then there was another photo that was even more unexpected…and maybe racey for these people.




A woman…middle aged…in a bed…in her underwear…in a private room…which looks identical to the decor of people I knew over the age 0f 65. 65…why that number too?

Anyway I figure the woman’s husband snapped this…I guess new technology demands some erotic exploitation. The woman in this photo maybe dead or very frail and weathered. There’s something abound the orange blanket and the lamp that makes me feel fuzzy and warm with nostalgia of the smell of my grandfathers former home. This picture reads as a reflection on the old times of the senior citizens I met as a child. This was modern living for them and they lie around in underwear and let photos capture them exposed in a setting I consider tacky and cozy. It’s like a pin up for old fashioned interior design. Based on the next photo I found I’m guessing the woman is on vacation in Florida.

If the person who owned these pictures wants them back lets negotiate a price since the content is above average. If not I’ll cherish the pictures…in a platonic way for the bedroom shot. I think I’ll keep looking for photos left behind in time and see if I learn anything.

The disgracefulness of Memory

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I was google searching random names of people I know and I decided to enter my deceased grandfather Merton Chernoff. To my disappointment I didn’t find much information on him. Mostly what came up was the real estate listing of his home. But what I found horrified me…my grandfather’s name was listed on website compilation of jews who are anti-Israeli simply called a SHIT list (see masada2000). Not only that it is linked to conservative anti-palestinian website that is disturbingly similar to white racist sites.

For the record my grandfather was a high school history teacher who was a peace protester and member of the communist of the party. I can only speculate that his name was gathered from sleuthing by this degenerative assholes who like desecrate the names of the dead. My grandfather was not pro-Israel, but he was not for imperialism in general. I just want these bitter people to know that as an activist and educator my grandfather was appreciated. I remember his students that I’ve met as reflecting on him as a teacher that guided their principles and taught them lessons they carried on for their whole lives.

And for anyone that thinks he’s some un-American fink he served in both WWII and the Korean war. But more disappointing than this is the little information there is about Merton Chernoff. Maybe someday I can expand and connect with the people who actually knew my grandfather.