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Andrew Stergiou

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So for the first time I am blogging about another blogger. His name is Andrew Stergiou and from what I have seen about his online personality and history I am not sure how much effort should go into figuring him out or ignoring him. I found him on a youtube comments board for a John Cage Interview video. Also that’s his face above, it’s very dirty.

I didn’t try finding where his comments started or what he was originally arguing about with other music fans but he sure was shit talking everyone. His comments are still up on the board to be viewed but for some reason I can’t look at his channel account anymore. I viewed and he didn’t have whole lot of content on it just text info and 2 video links. A lot of the info centered around the world sucking and the goodness of art in light of this…which I have been thinking a lot about lately too so that’s what hooked me into him. But then his description of himself goes along the lines of how he is one of the greatest guitarists in the world, he gardens, paints, and has sex and more sex. There is definitely an ego behind this guy. Here is a normal bio I find on his FUCK YOU blog.

First Online Publisher of this First Online Electronic Literary Art Journal 1988-1996, and reconstituted in founding: Zito! Online Journal of creative flux, dialectical, disembodied, abstract and poetic expression. Without enough time in the day, nor enough days in the week, nor weeks in the year, nor time in one life: writer, artist, painter, DIYer, cook, musician, analyst, philosopher, thinker, reader, activist, performer, film extra actor, producer, a very diverse and complicated person, prolific creator, perennial iconoclastic activist, his political motto aptly describes him as “left of the right, right of the left, and not in the center”.

From what I can tell about Zito it’s not so much a journal as a website that Andrew made probably before template blog sites existed. What’s really strange is that this online electronic art journal is from 1988? So I guess Andrew was at least one of the first public persons to manifest themselves on the internet. But going back to youtube I can’t enter his channel for some reason. I’m either blocked or he deactivated the site but I wrote some encouragement for him but mostly that he seemed over zealous. Before I go on here are some images from his art gallery and I also can’t tell if this guy is American or an immigrant to the states.

Say whatever you want about the images, except for the poor clarity of the portrait which I can’t tell is intentional or bad image scanning. I think Andrew made these digital pictures just so he could be one of the first to do so but other than that there doesn’t seem to be much of a legacy or goal intended for these items. He was becoming the Nam Jun Paik of websites at the time it seems.

Overall this guy may have some talent but I think he over exaggerates his accomplishments and skills. More importantly he appears to be a very turbulent person who wants artistic recognition and prowess and is using the internet to try to achieve that with his blogs and twitters. As far as I can tell he was living in Pennsylvania and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. But for whatever redeeming qualities the man has I can’t appreciate his dramatism on the internet. He claims he’s gonna take shit all over everyone and antagonizes readers and responders with his own brand crude debate. On the one hand this guy could never have progressed mentally past his senior year of high school or it’s a complete farce. Maybe he just acts like this on the internet to get attention with extreme behavior. He’s a great archetype for the internet artisit whether he is talented or not because he profuses views and work that no one really cares about but it exists anyway and in the end I found it. Well at least he’s not spending endless amounts of time on the internet because he hasn’t had too much activity on his twitter. If anyone knows this guys feel free to tell some new stories…or Andrew can speak for himself on this post. Is this clarity intentional or not?


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So the new 4chan in my opinion is this new chat site called It’s great I’ve had both enlightening and trolling sessions that are great entertainment. Won’t go into much detail but it’s a great social experiment and a good excercise in web language. Last night my video teacher Peer Bode explained the theory that media language will replace old speak and form new grammar. We all laugh at the bad typing and phrasing of internet forums but it is like a new language in its infancy. Take web and text messaging and something new will come out of it that is not degradation, and this is cinema thought up in the early 20th cen. Until then we are stuck with this.

Terence Koh

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a male artist as obsessed with his body since Yukio Mishima as Terence Koh. Besides chandeliers and cherishing objects he has a lot of casting and photography dedicated to his own being. He is not shy and represents the in your face gay culture of North America. His nationality is Canadian. His website is it is very sporadic and disorganized but it kind of makes it fun to explore because of that. I am going to keep reviewing later on. His website is treated as diary more than an art collective.


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Found some interesting  analysis of two mass media  obsessions. You can thank the countless hours people spend on 4chan for this.

Another Nice Smelling pigment

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Besides cadium light red paint…white silk screening ink from speedball also has a great odor. Different from a jello scent, the ink has a sweet sugary scent. I think its very possible to place this goop in front of a child and they would try to consume it like whipped marshmellow (ie Fluff).

According to Will Contino you probably could ingest the ink…but why would you do that Will?

Robert Williams

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For anyone who loves the underground comic illustration and painting of Robert Williams you need to see this. It’s beyond badass it is…Robert Williams

According to Williams “Everyone wants to paint naked women.”

Tom Hanks this is for you

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These oil painting I did are a self commentary on the oddness of actor Tom Hanks’s name. For some reason his name makes no sense to me and tastes weird when I pronounce it. Tom Hanks, Tom Hanks…Tom Hanks…Tom Hanks? Tom Hank-s? His name’s origin is confounding. It’s not like hankers, hankering, but hanks. Gaduh!?! Either way painted a series of 5 images of him based on a photo I found on google. As I invoke his name each time his appearance becomes more and more warped and disintegrates over time. I hope everyone enjoys these paintings as much as my classmates did. I’m surprised I finished these project at all.