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Small Updates

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So a few of these past days I have observed a lot of students at the Ark Community Charter School in Troy New York. Besides note taking about the students, classrooms, and teaching I get to doodle with students. Amazingly my spark for illustration has been boosted by this. I think I maybe going into a new style of illustration. I have been re-studying comic book stylings of Eiichiro Oda and Hirohiko Araki authors of Shonen Jump comics One Piece and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. Oda’s style in probably one of the most unorthodox illustration I’ve seen in Shonen. It is extremely surreal in humor, concept, and imagery. Mostly however I’ve started looking towards Oda’s technique of drawing female characters. Oda renders most female characters as having exaggerated abdomens and necks that are beyond slender and border on anorexia. But in One Piece its only stylization to me. This method of granting women super thin bodies with big eyes creates a patent of cuteness in every female. Nami in my opinion maybe the most cute manga character I’ve ever seen. Nico Robin is often hailed as the most popular woman visually in the series. Using Oda’s mechanisms has made drawing females more interesting and a better quality for me.

As for Araki I have looked back on his work more a long the lines of how he renders masculine faces in different ways. Joj comics are obviously geared toward male body designs more than women. It’s a great example of punk core male imagery. I Also found a good article on a lecture given by Araki.

Araki Lecture

Often I am sort of pessimistic for diving too much into manga. I still do think that most styles of manga are over simplified in contrast to western comic illustration. Also I am not pleased by anime fans who obsess over the culture that they reach a point of cosplaying and wanting to migrate to Japan that’s too far. I love japanese pop fiction movies and comics because everything is on the brink of destruction in these stories. It probably stems from the destructive past of Japan due the heritage of samurai in the Sengoku period to the Hiroshima.

But I have never been able to be fully comfortable with illustration popular with marvel comics and am turning to manga again.

Turn off the tv idea

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Besides taking into account image making style and technique I also take note of themes in work. At my school in the print department it seems like a lot of people enjoy making shamanistic items like deer skulls and bones, old men in general, tools, and basically everything from the 19th century…or ugly 70’s decoration.

But no matter where I go I always see a recurring image. Get ready for it folks because apparently no one can get past the consumer commentary of the 80’s and 90’s that is television. Or more precisely television’s replacing the human head. Analogy tv does our thinking, a good observation. I have no problem with that or whoever initially began the design trend, I haven’t bothered to research the history of tv heads.

What is stupid is that people continue to create this decade spanning archetype and I wonder if they think they are the firsts to do this, or that there aren’t many others doing it as well. Well surprise world its true there are hundreds of people making the same tv heads either standing or slouching alone against a wall. Basically I’m saying cut it out guys. We’re way past this era its 2009 not 1989.

Now in terms of tv developing humans I have no debate. I’m sure tv imagery has changed the way humans process information from pre tv humans to post. People born in the 1800’s and early 1900’s saw tv as a luxury and had radio…a linear thinking process for absorbing information. TV is scattered, multiple, constant, and visual…time follows no line on tv except on tv guide. But this is even more charismatic of people growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. In the 80’s we have more in common with cable tv than an actual tv set because it was the start of wiring people in their homes to a constant electronic source. Maybe we should have cable boxes for stomaches instead or as well.

Point is the tv age has practically peaked…we are in an age of something even less time constraining. Uh, have any of these people heard of youtube? Yes this is the youtube/Hulu whatever streaming era where people watch what they want to watch at anytime at their own discretion. And whats more is people broadcast themselves now too. So for all those bohemian losers inking a tv head drawing stop it. It’s over its done or at least start drawing flat screen tv heads. Oh wait they’re not as cool looking.