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Easy Riders

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If it’s true for me then for others it may be so that sporadic memories enter the mind especially in these uncertain times. In our youth people spent most of their time buried in academia and regulations in the public school systems so odds are you’ll flashback inane locker talk, embarrassing gossip, or fist fights. I remember distinctly at Hackett Middle School I had tech/wood shop as the last period of the day. I don’t remember much of anything I learned there except for using a jigsaw blade. But the teacher Mr. Laiacona was teaching some sort of historical lesson and endowed upon us a virtue…

“It’s common knowledge that newer generations have an easier life than the generations before them.”

I suppose this virtue could have been relevant at one point if one reviews the level of suffering and standard of living that has changed over course of human society. Seeing all the unemployment, low job prospects, low wages, high living costs, increase in technology purchases, high tuition, and a planet that seems to be crumbling for the unknown…it doesn’t seem like things are easier just better. And this is information coming from a man who was part of post-WWII American generation that had the cheapest standard of living in the from the 1950’s to 70’s. College was a couple of hundred dollars a semester and you were practically guaranteed a job with a degree as opposed to now its inflated 20 fold and now a Masters Degree is required too. It just seems revolting how Baby Boomers have the nerve to talk about how they survived the Civil Rights/Vietnam era when even though there was so much national turmoil it didn’t matter if dollar stores were non-existent because things actually costed less than a dollar. To make these words even more embittered its the heads of capital investment also a bunch of boomers who’ve exported our jobs and allowed domestic prices run wild.

But back to the virtue, when teachers say unknown philosophical statements like this it usually leaves a meaningful impression. I recall thinking “I never thought of that.” It’s not like middle school students needed to think of that statement at that time in their lives. But surely all these educators must have known in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that a wave was coming towards the young workers of tomorrow. That overseas competition would grow and well paying jobs would be less of a given for many of us. Reflecting now it makes me really mad that school was a place telling us how lucky we were and not prepare the majority of students for professional careers. Not that 1984 is my intellectual bible but Orwell saw a degraded culture where the new generation would have no sense that contemporary life was actually worse than a better past time. The next time someone says how easy kids and young adults have it now a days with ipods, computers, smart phones, and tell them to shut up because these are just popular commodities and not proof of personal success, only success of sales and ownership. But then again no one talks about how easy kids have these days for obvious reasons.

Who wins my Heart?

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America…Oh America I went another a place than thee…and it was close. Well I counted up the amount of complaints and positives between Spain and the USA. In the end America won out with a ratio  of 10:8 in the things I enjoyed about living in Barcelona. I wouldn’t take it to heart that it Spain is more terrible or better than American living. I identified with the aesthetically entertainment and design of Spain. Even coming in to JFK airport I was disgusted by how old and unappealing the interior design of the airport was in comparison to the large glass walls and courtyards of Barcelona’s airport. All the spanish buildings, artists, images, and events were more pertinent to me than a lot of contemporary American imagery.

Yet living in America is more flexible, affordable, and overall the people are just easier to interact with. Spain was great visiting destination but I never considered ever-moving there permanently or staying for a year let alone the 2 months I was there. Caught up in all this turmoil it was hard for me to differentiate how I felt about the trip. I don’t regret going but it’s maddening now because I owe my mother money for the trip too and I don’t truly need the credits that I obtained from classes. But I received good memories and a new perspective on the creator I want to become someday after seeing the extensive Dali museum.

Next time I go to the continent I want a piece of France to take with me. Then Italy or Greece after that…but everyone seems to spit on the idea of going to Italy these days. And I am still oblivious to gypsies, at least I left with my wallet untampered with and AmEX card that no one accepts.

Little Forgotten

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Last night I had gotten hold of the classic children’s animation film Little Nemo  Adventures  in  Slumberland.  For many years  now  I  thought  that  I had  never seen the  film.  That  it was one of the few movies from the 1990’s I hadn’t enjoyed.  But after one scene where Nemo is eating cookies I remembered seeing the shot. The colors chimed a cookie craving and  then I saw the airships searchlights I knew I’d seen the feature but only vaguely remembered it.  The scene with King and the model train also resonated in my memory.  Especially since in my childhood I was very interested in trains.

Usually I consider myself extremely capable of recalling memories from early in my life. My earliest memory was being held by my mother in a rocking in my room and being sung to. I must have been almost a year old. But there are snipids of my life where I remember events that I saw on VHS and television that I sometimes can’t piece together as reality or dreams. I’m carrying around little things in the back of my mind. Another film was the The Red Balloon. I had all but forgotten about the french movie and after watching again a year ago I remembered most of it. The only detail I’d forgotten was the title.

Rewatching these films isn’t so much nostalgia driven but maybe exploring a past time through these movies. I’m resorting a life mixed with image media.