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Visiting HOMU

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On my recent visit to New York City I came upon a educational/performance venue titled the The Homeless Museum of Art. I noticed the stand on West 20th St between 10th and 11th ave in Chelsea at noon…I returned at a quarter to 4. It’s is Director Filip Noterdaeme and his Public Relations Official was a stuffed coyote named Feliz. He was nice man but sometimes tongue and cheek with his analysis of me and the Panamanian woman who sat in the other small chair next to me. I enjoyed the his disertation of our lives and visit…it was like a tour guide telling us what we should know and feel for an art object.

The museum was exhibiting minuscule works such as Goya on Goya as tiny card picture of a Francisco Goya Painting submerged in Goya brand Olive Oil in a small jar. Filip and I had a pleasant exchange of our enthusiasm for Goya food and products. Another favoirte was “Eau d’Abramovic”  which is said to be comprised of a block of ice Marina Abramovic who was unknown to until yesterday. The museum showed who the seld described grandmother of performance art is. The bottle of the essence of her performance was titled as Filip Noterdaeme

The purpose of HOMU is a retaliation against the MoMA and institutions like it for high expenditures on facilities and raising prices for the public. The HOMU has been endeavouring against the institution since 2002-present. Despite its gawky street showings and not being near the MoMA I respected that this performance was not a joke and was not lending itself to be pitied or given money…instead self righteous with dark humor. In the website its prescribed a homeless person be given a donation of 5-150 dollars. The museum has gone so far as to also have crashed the opening reception of the new MoMA in 2004.

I went to the MoMA on friday and although I appreciate the collection of work and availability of it I do sense some evilness or self-satisfaction from the institute…even if Guerrilla Girls and O Superman were shown. Professor Kevin Wixted organized a meeting with one of staff of MoMA who also started as intern there so we could gather more info. Maybe I am bitter because I didn’t receive an internship with them last summer or that I realized I don’t want to work for a museum…but I could just sense shit from it when subjects like accepted elitism and corporate model were attached to MoMA. In my mind anything corporate doesn’t have much to do with making art only displaying and selling it. Therefore MoMA shouldn’t;t act like they have a real hand in making anything other than reception. Also certain secrets couldn’t be let out becasue jobs could be endangered. It was like we were meeting the Mafia of Art scene. I wonder if Steve Poleski meant them as well.

I’m a supporter of HOMU and I hope to see their actions on the street again another time I am in town. I’m not sure if the stand is always in the same place but since 2009 its made rounds and has everything a modern art museum should have minus a cafe and bookstore. Winter is coming and the stand may still be there, Filip was cold when I shook his hand to transfer heat.


Foreign Youtube Performances

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Last week and tonight two non-American youtube videos have caught my attention. The one above is a video of America’s Got Talent via Ukraine. The performing artist is named Kseniya Simonova and her medium is drawing with sand on a light box. The illumination and fluidity of the sand creates a time flow that couples with the progression of history she illustrates about Ukraine during WWII. Everyone has tried drawing in sand and dirt but I’ve never seen such control as she does in this video. In video we are taught to practice technique even if we do not produce anything usable. I imagine she must have spent hours upon days and months practicing her timing and accuracy with sand. The whole performance is like dancing with fingers and drawing bound together. The monochrome color of sand, shadow, and line weight make the video seem like an old ink brush painting. And Ms. Kseniya Simonova is pretty to boot. Cheers to her for winning this competition and celebrating a seemingly primitive art form whose qualities may have limitless possibilities for drawing and video.

The other two videos are of a Colombian woman giving birth to a baby in a pool of water guided by her husband and midwife. At first I thought the video was some strange beginning for bondage pornography. I had previously been searching videos for Asa Akira on youtube and found the video in the side links. The video quality is poor and amateur but the event seemed almost effortless and mystifying. I believe in Comobia it is a choice for some families to perform this ritual which appears purifying and more relieving for the mother. The event was like a strange performance mix between Mike Kelly and Yoko Ono due to its shabby setting and focus upon a female body. The videos together are around fifteen to twenty minutes and they don’t look edited. If this were a straight shoot her birth was short and the baby came of her womb underwater. Makes me think about the possibilities of a Nirvana album cover differently. The entire ritual really impressed me and I am looking for more ritualistic and tribal qualities in my work.

Both are great videos and should be studied its just very hard to find this kind of great stuff other you tube servers.