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Get that look of the face

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Why do I feel so annoyed when I see this banner advertisement. It must be that stupid expression on this girls face that a director thought was excellent. Well it’s not, when you have a face like that with a title like that and a theme like that it means this is some culturally inept home video parade meant to promote consumer products for artistic outlets. That’s not to say I don’t shoot video on camcorders but I do not brag about that like its a high grade tool. If I could I’d own a Canon EOS for great HD video. But this is just a pointless theme 9 going on teen? What is she 9 or is she nineteen neither of those ages are considered very important high points. Maybe I’m bitter, or I just can’t relate being childless. But I hate this ad campaign…fuck you Canon.


Video Value

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My senior BFA Sacred Mediums was recently completed this Saturday and then dismantled this afternoon. Along with the building and development of the show I decided to produce a book and DVD compilation of images, writing, and video work from my show. The DVD was especially important in the package because I had decided not to place any of my final compositions onto the internet. Accordingly I also blocked access to my Master videos on youtube and vimeo making them unviewable because they were on the DVD too. In short I’ve made access to the artwork from show limited and exclusive.

A week before the show I notified any reader that I was removing these videos from the internet and that they should see the videos before they were gone. Some of my contemporaries thought this was a poor decision since I am denying a possible audience on the internet by reducing my work. But why should I show my work for free? Is it because I am afraid it will be stolen? Absolutely not I have no problem with media appropriation. In fact I think it’s ridiculous that music companies have a right to sue people who purchased music and then use it another work. Music is artwork and you should own that artwork as your personal copy and property and it’s yours to do with just like any other consumer item. If someone buys my DVD and decides to rip files from it and appropriate it I have no problem with that as long as I received payment for a copy of the work. And on the other hand putting all your work out does document achievement but it also opens yourself to be overtaken by competitors who can take your ideas and use them for their own gain and leave you dead in the water creatively.

The internet is an easy way to display videos because of its ubiquity and format friendliness that is passive and unforced viewership. But the idea that everything should be seen and given to all as free material isn’t utopian it’s thoughtless. Pirating material I feel will lead to some harsh repercussions in the future because real value is being lost on these items and I don’t mean retail value. If we all received videos or music for free a consumer is happy. But if an video or music item is owned in secret it discredited and made obscure by unknown number of owners. It also hurts artists not only financially but how can we ever truly know if our work is appreciated without forums? On youtube you can see a number of views, likes, and comments but what value can they really give to the video except viral popularity or to be unrecognized. Personally the internet has yet to bestow gold onto me and it’s rare for it to happen to anyone. In the end everyone will want every media file they can get and how can that increase the cultural appreciation of such art?

As for an audience I have none after I leave college so I didn’t see any harm in removing videos because they received the views from an audience that will be gone, the venue has closed. Instead I want to try what Matthew Barney has done with Cremaster and generate value through the demand of viewership not an option of viewing. Barney charges large amounts of capital for his films to be screened but it is due to demands of institutions and galleries who operate has temporal venues for him and then create an audience for his work. My own DVD and book are 12 copies currently made. 4 copies are in the hands of the other people and the others will probably end up in foreign hands one day too. Of course I’m only selling the documents for 35$ not thousand$ of dollars, and I do think the document is worth 50$. I am trying to control the value and destiny of my work like diamonds in a warehouse. But I am doing this to be elitist I am doing this because I am not 20th century fox…I am not a millionaire.

Vimeo the land of the unimpressive

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I am writing another entry about vimeo today because it’s really starting to get on my nerves. How videos that don’t seem all that great to me are being glorified by the staff and community only because they were made with high resolution cameras and have brittle narratives and storylines (not including music videos posted there). I’ve noticed a lot of the vimeo staff doesn’t seem to be very artistic either and mostly know how to work technoogy and press record on a camera. Their just a bunch of video editors and company reps who mostly just promote contests and products for camera companies. Then they pick the best videos that show what can be done with HD and computer animation. Usually the staff work makes me cringe at how bad or uninteresting it is. Instead of looking at video as a legacy and history and you’d think video only became important a few years ago due to HD.

Here is a great example of a typical vimeo video page. There is a subject matter that is there and has almost no value except for being shot in HD. It has HD quality, uh editing, and a non-spoken narative and or song that really gives it a real symbolic message for our generation. Let’s see another video.

Well it’s not in HD unfortunately. Mmmm doesn’t seem to be HD footage. It’s definitely SD and its just color and some really harsh music that makes me feel unsure of myself. Is this real time processing? Ew this is from the 80’s VHS’s are terrible. I wonder which video is “cooler”

If you also look at the first videos comments board there are no negative or critical remarks only hoorahs and that’s not unusual on vimeo. The only dissension you’ll find is by me under my name Michael Chernoff. Since I posted a negative comment i did get some feed back from the vimeo community finally, it’s like their surprised someone is talking. As for the second video it only has 58 views now and one comment by me. If vimeo was a serious site they would take down childish comments like great video, or wow beautiful, or eye catching…what the fuck do those words mean? Just compliments not a analysis.

Along with the HD parade is its obvious destiny to become quickly outdated. HD cameras are rapidly improving and one day a lot of the videos on the site will be able to be done by flip cams in a few years with the same quality. It’s become an obsession to just have great resolution and filters in final cut when in reality there aren’t many memorable videos being shown on vimeo it’s the internet equivalent of 3D IMAX for movie theaters. Despite the HD craze it’s also the least applicable format now because it has massive memory usage and not all media can play HD efficiently. Right now it’s just the best viewing option for television but not much else. Compared to analog video however the possibilities never die. Allen Riley told me about this curve of resolution versus actual processing. How HD will be obsolete model to model but analog will always be desirable. Jitter can’t even handle HD and it tries to emulate video synths and processors but can’t do the newest codecs? Jitter then is only good for real time performance videos or you don’t have physical video equipment. I see HD as having a million possibilities with after effects and final cut in the mix. But for analog the number of possibilities is in the trillions just because it’s so fluid and adaptable to many processes.

I think I got my fustration out. In the end I have more love for youtube at the moment. Maybe if the vimeo staff got cleaned out there could be better features on the site. I can only hope that one day everyone will become as bored with the content as I am. and that there will be a change.

Funny Video Gaming

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Lately I’ve been exploring video game consoles being processed through video and sound equipment on my SNES and Dreamcast. For example…

The inspiration and ideas for this type of work came from a Alfred grad Allen Riley and he has worked with me on a few studio sessions. Before the work now he also showed me a funny clip from the game Desert Bus. Desert Bus being a real-time simulator of a bus driving across the desert from Arizona to Las Vegas Nevada. Meaning this is a 6-8 hour driving game and you have the option to also drive back to Las Vegas with a steering wheel that always veers left making players have to pay attention to the road at all times. It was unreleased for distribution on the Sega CD.

Another game my friend Tyler and I found was Hateris…a JavaScript incarnation of tetris with primarily only s-blocks. There is so little variety in the blocks that are given that its harder to make lines rather than actually keep a game going for longer than two minutes. I received no score no lines…the max score has been recorded at 13 lines cleared. Check out the site


Lastly there is another game Tyler introduced me to called Qwop in which you must use 4 keys to manipulate a runners legs and thighs in order to run 100 meters. I spent ten minutes playing this genius game and only made it to 7.1 meters out of 100.

The website for the game is here…

There’s not much else to say about these flash games except I don’t usually keep up or even play flash games because I’m not a fan of using keyboards for gameplay so PC gaming is not my universe. But these gems are worth noting in my media memory and I may explore trying to send Hatris to the video equipment and see what patterns can be obtained. I think a lot of what goes on in my work and interest now is seeing what immersion really is. Everyone is so caught up in 3D glasses and screens for immersion but its more like a textured puppet show than taking me into a new world inside light configuration. Seeing and controlling image color, line, shape, texture, sound, and movement has more potential for an immersive medium than seeing an i-Max feature. Even video games have grown from kids watching their peers verse each other in living rooms to youtube, gaming tournaments, and online achievement records and video feed. What’s the point of 3D of it can’t add to a story in a movie yet and a controller can alter the course of actions and destined results? Either way I’d rather see ripin riders on box monitor than Star Wars 3D.

Foreign Youtube Performances

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Last week and tonight two non-American youtube videos have caught my attention. The one above is a video of America’s Got Talent via Ukraine. The performing artist is named Kseniya Simonova and her medium is drawing with sand on a light box. The illumination and fluidity of the sand creates a time flow that couples with the progression of history she illustrates about Ukraine during WWII. Everyone has tried drawing in sand and dirt but I’ve never seen such control as she does in this video. In video we are taught to practice technique even if we do not produce anything usable. I imagine she must have spent hours upon days and months practicing her timing and accuracy with sand. The whole performance is like dancing with fingers and drawing bound together. The monochrome color of sand, shadow, and line weight make the video seem like an old ink brush painting. And Ms. Kseniya Simonova is pretty to boot. Cheers to her for winning this competition and celebrating a seemingly primitive art form whose qualities may have limitless possibilities for drawing and video.

The other two videos are of a Colombian woman giving birth to a baby in a pool of water guided by her husband and midwife. At first I thought the video was some strange beginning for bondage pornography. I had previously been searching videos for Asa Akira on youtube and found the video in the side links. The video quality is poor and amateur but the event seemed almost effortless and mystifying. I believe in Comobia it is a choice for some families to perform this ritual which appears purifying and more relieving for the mother. The event was like a strange performance mix between Mike Kelly and Yoko Ono due to its shabby setting and focus upon a female body. The videos together are around fifteen to twenty minutes and they don’t look edited. If this were a straight shoot her birth was short and the baby came of her womb underwater. Makes me think about the possibilities of a Nirvana album cover differently. The entire ritual really impressed me and I am looking for more ritualistic and tribal qualities in my work.

Both are great videos and should be studied its just very hard to find this kind of great stuff other you tube servers.

Video Dust Airing

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So this week on Tuesday my Alfred Televison Program was aired for the first time. The program is title Video Dust or the Video Dust Showcase. I made this show in order to expose student produced videos in the fields of a visual design, dance, and theater. So far the following is small and the entries are little but the first show featured myself, Sondra Perry, and Tory Keith from Alfred’s Expanded Media Program. The videos were Dance Aches, Tonguing, Purple Lerp, and Where it All Goes.

The show airs at 5ish? everyday and hopefully will receive another time slot. The second episode will airing soon and will and more diverse videos. Watch if you are on campus otherwise go on youtube.

Hurts…Feels Better

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Because I watch the music video channel in Barcelona so much I am staying hip to the music popular here. A band I had not heard of until seeing their video is called Hurts. They are new band with a debut song Feels Better than Love. Besides the song rifting my emotions side to side with the vocals and technotronic tinkers I didn’t think I would enjoy the video as much as I did. The pulses with a sort of 1930s German Art Cool scene wardrobe and basement studio set up. It is hard to decipher if it’s a play at first, then a dance rehearsal or audition. The video borders on a fictionalised group of avant garde individuals that most people read about instead of just being. Wanting to be futurists or dadaist…that is what the desire is and it is separate from what the audience in the video is searching for.

I am not sure how excited I should get about this band since I have no other songs by them. But I am hopeful to hear more from them. There is a sort of 80s electro flare to the song but I am not afraid of liking it publicly. Some of my friends are a little snobby when it comes to music and will probably not cling to it as fast as they did Boris. Time will tell how long I stay interested in Hurts.