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Brad Harris 6 Panel 1

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Brad Harris 6 Panel 1

I think the following message is overly desperate and mostly a diehard internet crusader who loves his website maintenance too much…because if he looses it he’s out of job. Welcome to the dark king of Hipsters.

-Brandon Harris Presents

From Wikipedia programmer Brandon Harris

I feel like I’m living the first line of my obituary.I don’t think there will be anything else that I do in my life as important as what I do now for Wikipedia. We’re not just building an encyclopedia, we’re working to make people free. When we have access to free knowledge, we are better people. We understand the world is bigger than us, and we become infected with tolerance and understanding.

Wikipedia is the 5th largest website in the world. I work at the small non-profit that keeps it on the web. We don’t run ads because doing so would sacrifice our independence. The site is not and should never be a propaganda tool.

Our work is possible because of donations from our readers. Will you help protect Wikipedia by donating $5, $20, $50 or whatever you can afford?

I work at the Wikimedia Foundation because everything in my soul tells me it’s the right thing to do. I’ve worked at huge tech companies, doing some job to build some crappy thing that’s designed to steal money from some kid who doesn’t know it. I would come home from work crushed.

You might not know this, but the Wikimedia Foundation operates with a very small staff. Most other top-ten sites have tens of thousands of people and massive budgets. But they produce a fraction of what we pull off with sticks and wire.

When you give to Wikipedia, you’re supporting free knowledge around the world. You’re not only leaving a legacy for your children and for their children, you’re elevating people around the world who have access to this treasure. You’re assuring that one day everyone else will too.

Thank you,

Brandon Harris

Programmer, Wikimedia Foundation



For the record I find this cultural consciousness hilarious.

Andrew Stergiou

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So for the first time I am blogging about another blogger. His name is Andrew Stergiou and from what I have seen about his online personality and history I am not sure how much effort should go into figuring him out or ignoring him. I found him on a youtube comments board for a John Cage Interview video. Also that’s his face above, it’s very dirty.

I didn’t try finding where his comments started or what he was originally arguing about with other music fans but he sure was shit talking everyone. His comments are still up on the board to be viewed but for some reason I can’t look at his channel account anymore. I viewed and he didn’t have whole lot of content on it just text info and 2 video links. A lot of the info centered around the world sucking and the goodness of art in light of this…which I have been thinking a lot about lately too so that’s what hooked me into him. But then his description of himself goes along the lines of how he is one of the greatest guitarists in the world, he gardens, paints, and has sex and more sex. There is definitely an ego behind this guy. Here is a normal bio I find on his FUCK YOU blog.

First Online Publisher of this First Online Electronic Literary Art Journal 1988-1996, and reconstituted in founding: Zito! Online Journal of creative flux, dialectical, disembodied, abstract and poetic expression. Without enough time in the day, nor enough days in the week, nor weeks in the year, nor time in one life: writer, artist, painter, DIYer, cook, musician, analyst, philosopher, thinker, reader, activist, performer, film extra actor, producer, a very diverse and complicated person, prolific creator, perennial iconoclastic activist, his political motto aptly describes him as “left of the right, right of the left, and not in the center”.

From what I can tell about Zito it’s not so much a journal as a website that Andrew made probably before template blog sites existed. What’s really strange is that this online electronic art journal is from 1988? So I guess Andrew was at least one of the first public persons to manifest themselves on the internet. But going back to youtube I can’t enter his channel for some reason. I’m either blocked or he deactivated the site but I wrote some encouragement for him but mostly that he seemed over zealous. Before I go on here are some images from his art gallery and I also can’t tell if this guy is American or an immigrant to the states.

Say whatever you want about the images, except for the poor clarity of the portrait which I can’t tell is intentional or bad image scanning. I think Andrew made these digital pictures just so he could be one of the first to do so but other than that there doesn’t seem to be much of a legacy or goal intended for these items. He was becoming the Nam Jun Paik of websites at the time it seems.

Overall this guy may have some talent but I think he over exaggerates his accomplishments and skills. More importantly he appears to be a very turbulent person who wants artistic recognition and prowess and is using the internet to try to achieve that with his blogs and twitters. As far as I can tell he was living in Pennsylvania and now resides in Brooklyn, NY. But for whatever redeeming qualities the man has I can’t appreciate his dramatism on the internet. He claims he’s gonna take shit all over everyone and antagonizes readers and responders with his own brand crude debate. On the one hand this guy could never have progressed mentally past his senior year of high school or it’s a complete farce. Maybe he just acts like this on the internet to get attention with extreme behavior. He’s a great archetype for the internet artisit whether he is talented or not because he profuses views and work that no one really cares about but it exists anyway and in the end I found it. Well at least he’s not spending endless amounts of time on the internet because he hasn’t had too much activity on his twitter. If anyone knows this guys feel free to tell some new stories…or Andrew can speak for himself on this post. Is this clarity intentional or not?

Vimeo the land of the unimpressive

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I am writing another entry about vimeo today because it’s really starting to get on my nerves. How videos that don’t seem all that great to me are being glorified by the staff and community only because they were made with high resolution cameras and have brittle narratives and storylines (not including music videos posted there). I’ve noticed a lot of the vimeo staff doesn’t seem to be very artistic either and mostly know how to work technoogy and press record on a camera. Their just a bunch of video editors and company reps who mostly just promote contests and products for camera companies. Then they pick the best videos that show what can be done with HD and computer animation. Usually the staff work makes me cringe at how bad or uninteresting it is. Instead of looking at video as a legacy and history and you’d think video only became important a few years ago due to HD.

Here is a great example of a typical vimeo video page. There is a subject matter that is there and has almost no value except for being shot in HD. It has HD quality, uh editing, and a non-spoken narative and or song that really gives it a real symbolic message for our generation. Let’s see another video.

Well it’s not in HD unfortunately. Mmmm doesn’t seem to be HD footage. It’s definitely SD and its just color and some really harsh music that makes me feel unsure of myself. Is this real time processing? Ew this is from the 80’s VHS’s are terrible. I wonder which video is “cooler”

If you also look at the first videos comments board there are no negative or critical remarks only hoorahs and that’s not unusual on vimeo. The only dissension you’ll find is by me under my name Michael Chernoff. Since I posted a negative comment i did get some feed back from the vimeo community finally, it’s like their surprised someone is talking. As for the second video it only has 58 views now and one comment by me. If vimeo was a serious site they would take down childish comments like great video, or wow beautiful, or eye catching…what the fuck do those words mean? Just compliments not a analysis.

Along with the HD parade is its obvious destiny to become quickly outdated. HD cameras are rapidly improving and one day a lot of the videos on the site will be able to be done by flip cams in a few years with the same quality. It’s become an obsession to just have great resolution and filters in final cut when in reality there aren’t many memorable videos being shown on vimeo it’s the internet equivalent of 3D IMAX for movie theaters. Despite the HD craze it’s also the least applicable format now because it has massive memory usage and not all media can play HD efficiently. Right now it’s just the best viewing option for television but not much else. Compared to analog video however the possibilities never die. Allen Riley told me about this curve of resolution versus actual processing. How HD will be obsolete model to model but analog will always be desirable. Jitter can’t even handle HD and it tries to emulate video synths and processors but can’t do the newest codecs? Jitter then is only good for real time performance videos or you don’t have physical video equipment. I see HD as having a million possibilities with after effects and final cut in the mix. But for analog the number of possibilities is in the trillions just because it’s so fluid and adaptable to many processes.

I think I got my fustration out. In the end I have more love for youtube at the moment. Maybe if the vimeo staff got cleaned out there could be better features on the site. I can only hope that one day everyone will become as bored with the content as I am. and that there will be a change.

Funny Video Gaming

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Lately I’ve been exploring video game consoles being processed through video and sound equipment on my SNES and Dreamcast. For example…

The inspiration and ideas for this type of work came from a Alfred grad Allen Riley and he has worked with me on a few studio sessions. Before the work now he also showed me a funny clip from the game Desert Bus. Desert Bus being a real-time simulator of a bus driving across the desert from Arizona to Las Vegas Nevada. Meaning this is a 6-8 hour driving game and you have the option to also drive back to Las Vegas with a steering wheel that always veers left making players have to pay attention to the road at all times. It was unreleased for distribution on the Sega CD.

Another game my friend Tyler and I found was Hateris…a JavaScript incarnation of tetris with primarily only s-blocks. There is so little variety in the blocks that are given that its harder to make lines rather than actually keep a game going for longer than two minutes. I received no score no lines…the max score has been recorded at 13 lines cleared. Check out the site


Lastly there is another game Tyler introduced me to called Qwop in which you must use 4 keys to manipulate a runners legs and thighs in order to run 100 meters. I spent ten minutes playing this genius game and only made it to 7.1 meters out of 100.

The website for the game is here…

There’s not much else to say about these flash games except I don’t usually keep up or even play flash games because I’m not a fan of using keyboards for gameplay so PC gaming is not my universe. But these gems are worth noting in my media memory and I may explore trying to send Hatris to the video equipment and see what patterns can be obtained. I think a lot of what goes on in my work and interest now is seeing what immersion really is. Everyone is so caught up in 3D glasses and screens for immersion but its more like a textured puppet show than taking me into a new world inside light configuration. Seeing and controlling image color, line, shape, texture, sound, and movement has more potential for an immersive medium than seeing an i-Max feature. Even video games have grown from kids watching their peers verse each other in living rooms to youtube, gaming tournaments, and online achievement records and video feed. What’s the point of 3D of it can’t add to a story in a movie yet and a controller can alter the course of actions and destined results? Either way I’d rather see ripin riders on box monitor than Star Wars 3D.

The New Advent of Religous Erotica

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OF COURSE… I was browsing /b/ when I found this site and it is a real red alert. I had illusions that this was some sort of feminist art internet collection…but it’s just European erotic nudes. It’s the time of the female Jesus…Regina? I don’t know what her name would be in this case.

I found the site since the web address since it’s plastered on all the pictures. They present a real fixation for me and probably for many men. It puts into the air the pleasure of seeing suffering on a woman being violated and tortured. It’s undeniable when you place with the story Christ. So then what does this mean for our fantasies? Is this just another scenario for fantasies or is it going against the Holiness of the scene? These women aren’t being groped or fondled only their bodies are extenuated. The photos seem to be for a righteous exploration since some of the selections have bad photoshop painted pixels for creating goofy halos. Yet you have to pay when logging on…a cause for art or a cause for an art for fapping? I chuckled at its attempt for porn. I haven’t made a post like this for a while and had distanced myself from posting this kind of content less for more refined research. But the black and white shots are really exciting.

I suppose there is enough naiveté here for me to approve this venture.

Here is the link to the site…

Maybe there are more religious pictures like this out there? I’d really like to see the videos for this site too. But I’m not paying ten Euro.

(Look Below For the Subject)

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Maybe I am envious or jealous or mad or disappointed or a wimp…but vimeo is getting me a little agitated. Not as much as youtube, well maybe more. The point is that since I have become more involved in video making I want my videos viewed and the videos I make don’t involve gross humiliation or meme possibilities. It’s fine being relatively unknown at this point since I’m still young. But in Vimeo I think the chalice of great videos is held in unfair quality simply because they look good.

What I love about youtube is the naivety and low-cost adventure that people have undertaken and either make single hits or increasingly improved video genres on their channels. Basically everything someone wanted on t.v. that would never be produced based on market expectations or commercial potential. Yet in Vimeo all the great videos are hailed by makers using cutting edge technology. Even famous video directors are involved. I’m simple I use the analog technology available at my college and use some digital tech too. Based on what programs and equipment are available to me I can’t expect to me media gold particularly. Yet I never see a non HD video or simple crafting nominated on Vimeo’s staff picks. Most of the time the videos are interesting but sometimes they pick some real bad stuff. Maybe technically its ideal but its substance falls short. And then I see Vimeo awards…and I think how the hell can I compete with guys who have jobs in studios and use the equipment for free? What upstart can overcome these media titans that Vimeo seems to be so proud of?

Well this site is just the video elite center of the universe. I don’t think Vimeo encourages new youth media but supports contemporary video. It has no real hand in influencing creators like youtube does…Vimeo is a stage nothing more. It has better streaming and video quality yet its views pale against youtube and Vimeo even puts pointless videos of sporting events that are probably more suited for youtube. I hate how there is no thumbs down on videos and all the comments are positives, there isn’t even a troll response on any video. It’s all these assholes saying nice things to each to boost their hollow videos to new heights. I’m sick of seeing the same overused animation and video editing techniques. Fred Viola a musician in the Hudson Valley region and NYC has made great simple videos with better subject matter than many videos I’ve seen on staff shit picks. Little notice is given to his videos for as much as a dumb pirate ship made in animation pro.

This site is just demoralising. I’m not saying I’m going to remove my account or videos…free broadcasting is free…but I’m not paying a membership fee. Maybe when I have the money to someone in the staff room will notice my videos more. I want to see a video buffer on this site instead of just my videos. I think they should just rename the site HD…then again who likes HD and Blu-Ray? Probably as popular as this site with amounts of viewers.


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Friend Tiffany Joy Butler informed me on Twitter that a group of former Alfred University students have started a dance and video performance group in upstate New York. They have even performed in Mass MoCa recently. It’s really pleasant to see former peers being active and not falling flat on their graduation degrees. I don’t want to say too much since the website foe BAAD Kinetics speaks better for itself…buts it main goal is for interpretive dance that seeks to recycle information and concepts about people, the environment, and genres. Vague but it is the goal.

The group is founded by Layla Mrozowski who I recall made great videos and dance pieces that I enjoyed all around…she sure is a great creator.

The website is posts