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So here is a cartridge of Metroid I bought last Sunday from Jay Street Videogames in Crossgates. Granted this not the nicest condition the game could be housed in. It’s scratched, dirty, plays like a typical copy of metroid, and sold for an average price of 15 bucks. Now I am not a fan of metroid…it’s good but it’s never really captivated me as a player. I feel pretty much the same about the franchise as a whole too. Yet there was something that caught my attention beyond the cartridge picture and title.

This signature that is marked on the cartridge case. I’ve seen a lot of games labeled by owners in black marker and I have never seen a name like this. Is it a nick name, actual name, a cryptic reminder or message? I can’t even properly make out the lettering completely. Is it…

Batt Angles

Balt Aylis

Batt Aylis

Balt Ayles

Batt Ayles


Batt uglis

Balt uylis?

This is the first time a name on a game captivated me. Normally I think a lot of buyers find names on games unattractive and decrease value. The store clerk asked me if I wanted a copy a metroid without graffiti. He didn’t seem to get that the name was why I was deliberating it’s purchase. He might not ever get it. But maybe there is something more here…I felt when I bought the game there was a story here with the game. Who wrote this and what does it mean? The game could even be the possible memorabilia of someone notorious, famous, or unnoticed. They cared enough about the game to label it and then it still ends up a used game store. In a used game stores there is no personality attached to the items…no memories for the buyer with the specific game. But labeling it gives a source ID like where’s george for dollar bills. I’m going to start looking at names on games with a different type of value now. I may buy more titles with a name attached to them because that singular copy makes it unique from every other physical copy in existence. I want to know where this once belonged.

If a reader out there recognizes this name or signature or copy of metroid write back here…