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Steve Rhodes is an Ass

Posted in Comedy, Dick Heads with tags , , , on November 4, 2009 by michaelchernoff

So I was watching television early in the morning with my friends Sanders and Kate and we saw these horrid human beings hunting black bears for sport. Now I don’t mind when people hunt deer because its a population issue that humans are responsible for and they will be eaten. But some douchebags lead by Steve Rhodes hunted Canadian Black Bears for sport, or more specifically a record for taking down the biggest bear possible. These morons practically ejaculate when they see a Bear and then ooh and awe it before they kill it from a thousand yards. Number one there is basic skill in killing a bear that doesn’t even know what a person looks like or that their there. Second its living its life and some guys are just going to take it out for a laugh.

Plus these bears are not dying instantly from a head shot, but from a bullet in the shoulder or stomach and then die in a few minutes. Obviously this bear needs to suffer more in order for the pelt to be undamged. All in all these bears could be tranquilized and some photos taken and the same thing would have been valid. I can’t say if they eat these bears but I know they keep the skin.

I bet these guys just like to Devil Dog the corpse…thats right I said it, DEVIL DOG. 2 of the 3 guys fuck the dead bear in the ass and the throat and the third guy masturbates to the activity. Splendid thats what they do I have a credible source that shall remain unamed.

Steve and his friends have hunted lots of North American species. I wonder of they will get bored and deicide to hunt Yeti instead. For everyone who doesn’t knw what a Yeti is here is an example.


Now when Steve one kills one of these giant apes, it will make a call to its brethern. Upon that moment 18 Yetis will rise from the snow and murder Steve and his companions, but not until after they are devil dogged Alive. And the Tibetan people will only shake their heads with dismay at this stupid man who killed all mammalian life that he saw.