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The disgracefulness of Memory

Posted in Family, Politics with tags , , on October 13, 2009 by michaelchernoff

I was google searching random names of people I know and I decided to enter my deceased grandfather Merton Chernoff. To my disappointment I didn’t find much information on him. Mostly what came up was the real estate listing of his home. But what I found horrified me…my grandfather’s name was listed on website compilation of jews who are anti-Israeli simply called a SHIT list (see masada2000). Not only that it is linked to conservative anti-palestinian website that is disturbingly similar to white racist sites.

For the record my grandfather was a high school history teacher who was a peace protester and member of the communist of the party. I can only speculate that his name was gathered from sleuthing by this degenerative assholes who like desecrate the names of the dead. My grandfather was not pro-Israel, but he was not for imperialism in general. I just want these bitter people to know that as an activist and educator my grandfather was appreciated. I remember his students that I’ve met as reflecting on him as a teacher that guided their principles and taught them lessons they carried on for their whole lives.

And for anyone that thinks he’s some un-American fink he served in both WWII and the Korean war. But more disappointing than this is the little information there is about Merton Chernoff. Maybe someday I can expand and connect with the people who actually knew my grandfather.