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The New Advent of Religous Erotica

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OF COURSE… I was browsing /b/ when I found this site and it is a real red alert. I had illusions that this was some sort of feminist art internet collection…but it’s just European erotic nudes. It’s the time of the female Jesus…Regina? I don’t know what her name would be in this case.

I found the site since the web address since it’s plastered on all the pictures. They present a real fixation for me and probably for many men. It puts into the air the pleasure of seeing suffering on a woman being violated and tortured. It’s undeniable when you place with the story Christ. So then what does this mean for our fantasies? Is this just another scenario for fantasies or is it going against the Holiness of the scene? These women aren’t being groped or fondled only their bodies are extenuated. The photos seem to be for a righteous exploration since some of the selections have bad photoshop painted pixels for creating goofy halos. Yet you have to pay when logging on…a cause for art or a cause for an art for fapping? I chuckled at its attempt for porn. I haven’t made a post like this for a while and had distanced myself from posting this kind of content less for more refined research. But the black and white shots are really exciting.

I suppose there is enough naiveté here for me to approve this venture.

Here is the link to the site…

Maybe there are more religious pictures like this out there? I’d really like to see the videos for this site too. But I’m not paying ten Euro.

Patrick Demarchelier

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I was flipping through Vogue…something new for me since I think most fashion magazine photography is boring. Besides Raymond Meier, I looked at Patrick Demarchelier work online after holding an issue. Like all the vogue photographers the women are tall and lean but Patrick gives them spunk that I appreciate. He is accomplished in both magazine lay outs and fine portraiture. He lies a lot in monochromatic exposures too.He makes these lucid women very tough while still retaining a models femininity. The images I saw seem calm and not needing to exert much energy to be in your face. He has definitely made my day.


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After comparing a lot of ideal bodies in image making I wonder why there are not many representations of muscular female physique? Is it ugly or beautiful? Either labels don’t fit this…there are some male body builders that repulse women because their bodies seem beyond freakish. Muscular women has more to with gender roles I think. Progressively women just seem to be portrayed thinner and thinner and it largely is produced from media that performs for a male dominate world. Maybe men don’t want to think of women as strong or able.But in terms of genetics it is regarded that men are more endowed with physical potential. Seeing soft flesh instead of chiseled of abdomens suggest naturalism for viewers.

Heroines however in a lot of pulp and punk fiction are pretty ripped. Ranging from Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conner to Wonderwoman and Battle Angel Alita. And the feminity of these women is not decreased by their muscles but maybe boosted. Skinny women are usually as interesting as their volume. It’s not like most people are looking for √úbermensch individuals and clutch their beyond physique. I suppose freakishness for women is a small margin.

Personally I don’t see many buff women but see muscles in action in a still frame is great. I’d like some time to photograph women weight training and capturing their bodies at work. The only thing is I hate most interiors of gym space.